Foster's Farmhouse LLC
 Centerville, OH

Grass Finished Beef

Is there a difference between grass fed and grass finished?
  Yes.  Most cattle feed on grass during some point in their lives.  So almost all cattle can say they are grass fed but most commercial cattle are finished on grains for the last few months of their lives to very quickly add weight.  Think of it like living at a buffet for a few months.  Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished meaning they eat and grow naturally throughout their lives.  They spend their entire lives on pasture and never on a feedlot.

Why is grass finished beef more expensive?
​  Grass finished beef takes longer to mature since they gain weight much more slowly than grain finished beef.  Therefore it just costs more to raise grass finished cattle.

Is grass finished beef better for you?
  Yes, grass finished beef contains more Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, and Vitamin E than grain finished beef.

Why is the fat in grass finished beef more yellow?
  The fat is more yellow in grass finished beef because there are higher levels of beta-carotene which is used by your body to make vitamin A and is also a powerful antioxidant.  Only grass finished cattle have these levels of beta-carotene.

Can I cook it the same as regular store bought beef?
  Yes and no.  Grass finished beef is four to six times lower in fat than grain finished commercial beef and contains half the saturated fat making it as lean as poultry.  Because of this you may find that you like your beef cooked less so it does not dry out.

What is Beef Quality Assurance Certification?
  The certification is part of a nationally coordinated, state implemented program that offers sound management practices and guidelines for beef cattle production.  We are selective in every step of the process starting with the highest quality hay and ending with a specific butcher.

Price List

- 1/2 $4.00/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees
- Whole $3.75/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees
- $100 deposit required for new customers.  Deposit is waived for returning customers.
- Packaged beef - vacuum sealed and frozen fresh
    ​Rump Roast $6.00/lb
    Chuck Roast $6.00/lb
    Ground Beef $7.00/lb
    Round Steak $6.00/lb
    Sirloin Steak $7.00/lb
- $8 Pint
- $15 Quart